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Meet the Strategir team

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Transversal Expertise

Emmanuel Delsuc

Chief Executive Officer

Emmanuel has held various positions in his career, as a consultant in organisations, personnel manager & company secretary.
Beyond setting the strategy of the Group, he works on adapting the organisation, resources and expertises to address the challenges of the future.
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Carine Tami

Senior Vice President - Chief Business Officer

Carine has experience in both research and managing roles. She leads the business, marketing and communication teams at Strategir. She is commited to mix talents and capabilities to bring only the very best to clients.
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Hélène Deflandre

Chief Client Service Officer

Helene has 20 years experience at Nielsen in data management, client relationship and organisational transformation. Helene now leads the Client Service Department covering Operations and Research.
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Isabelle Goisbault

Chief Innovation Officer in charge of Implicit & Virtual Reality

Isabelle co-leads the Innovation Department. Founded in her previous experience and responsibilities (Kantar, Added Value, R&D Direction @Strategir), she develops new approaches integrating implicit and Virtual Reality.
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Mathilde Philippe

Innovation Director in charge of Data Sciences & Sensory Research

Mathilde co-leads the Innovation Department. With her science background, she develops new approaches using data and statistical modelling to give more insighful meaning to our learnings.
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Line Kerrad​

Managing Director Germany​

Line has extensive experience in market research, especially in FMCG innovation with a focus on packaging testing. She is member of the German Packaging Association and Managing Director of Strategir Germany since 2004.
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Industry Expertise

Sophie Archambot-Corbière

Beauty & Luxury Development Director  

Sophie has extensive expertise in Beauty, Luxury and Perfume industry. She is passionate about her clients and always looking for the best to support them in their growth. She is the Head of Beauty & Luxury Strategy for Strategir Group.
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Pascal Drillaud

FMCG Development Director

Pascal has over 25 years of experience in FMCG market research. He is always looking for the best to build ad hoc, hybrid and smart solutions. He is dedicated to partner with his clients to lead them to growth.
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Ariane van Beek

FMCG Development Director

Ariane has extensive experience in FMCG market research. She is 100% engaged in win-win relationships with her clients being fully supportative in every step fo the way. Ariane also leads the Strategir Academy.
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Delphine Parois

FMCG Development Director - Head of Sustainability

Delphine has very extensive experience in the FMCG industry. She is passionate about advising clients in their innovation strategy. She is commited to engaging Strategir and our clients in sustainable development.
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Emilie Faget​

Retail Development Director​

Emilie has a background in both qual and quant research, with specific expertise in Shopper and Consumer Knowledge. She is committed to connecting retailers to their clients and help them develop their marketing strategy.
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Eléonore Papeix

Bank, Finance & Mobility Development Director

Eléonore has over 10 years of experience in market research, particularly in Qual. She is specialised in the Banking, Finance and Insurance industry. She is commited to supporting her clients in their transformation.
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