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Meet the Strategir team

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Emmanuel Delsuc

Group CEO

Our group CEO joined Strategir in 2013. He is now tasked with managing Strategir through a transition phase to meeting the needs of our clients in 2020. We are in very exciting times.
Living in Bordeaux and with a previous job in Baron Philippe de Rothschild, he knows about wine. He also has a passion for sailing off Britany and west coast of England.
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Isabelle Goisbault

Chief Innovation Officer

Isabelle is heading up our R&D of methods and leads testing and implementing new technologies into our daily work. The latest is ensuring clients can benefit from Virtual Reality (VR) for setting the context in both shopper and product testing. She has extensive experience in all of Strategir’s approaches and methods.
She’s also an expert in French cuisine.
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Dorte Torpe Hansen

Chief Commercial Officer

Being Danish and having lived in Japan, USA, South Africa and now the UK, she brings a truly international perspective. She manages a number of our international clients as well as our partners and partnerships across multiple continents.
When she is not working, you can find her running around the woods hunting for controls in an orienteering race or hiking up a mountain.
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Jackie Tarran

Managing Director, UK

Jackie has over two decades experience across all key market research techniques and is specialised in FMCG innovation, product development and forecasting worldwide. Attracted by the philosophy of research which integrates the consumer and shopper lives, Jackie joined Strategir in 2013 as managing director for the UK office.
Now living in London, Jackie misses cultivating her own garden but enjoys visiting others’.
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Line Kerrad

Managing Director, Germany

Line has extensive experience in FMCG research in innovation and especially in packaging research across Europe. She is a member of the German packaging association. She joined Strategir in 2004 as managing director for the German office.
She is keen on intercultural exchange and never says no to a good art exhibition.
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Carine Tami

Managing Director, Strategir WSA

Carine has over 20 years of experience in qualitative market research in France and Asia gained at Research International, Kantar TNS and CSA Research. She joined Strategir in October 2018 to lead the Strategir WSA team. She has a keen interest in hybrid approaches that combine data and research and innovative multi-method approaches which deliver insight with the necessary agility.
With a love for practising yoga and meditation she keeps an optimistic mind in every situation and look for the “little extra” that will make the world a brighter place.
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Dominique Suire

Qualitative Director, Strategir WSA

Dominique joined the team a long time ago. She was trained by the founders of WSA. Dominique is specialised in creativity and consumer insights. She works for FMCG as well as services – one of her favorite topic is TV content.
Her free time is dedicated to movies, TV series and art.
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Caroline Bastide

Digital and Service Director

Caroline has almost 20 years experiences in various MR companies (Ipsos, GfK, Harris Interactive, Metrixlab and Strategir since Sept 2017) developing hybrid qual & quant market research knowledge. She is passionate about how new technologies and digital can drive actionable insights to partner brand & business strategies.
She loves singing, playing piano or guitar and a fan of sciences & sci-fi.
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Ariane van Beek

Research Department Director, France

Ariane started at Strategir as a junior and has been able to grow very fast within the organisation. She has a very good experience of many methodologies and marketing topics. She has a real key point of interest in developing skills and competences within Strategir research teams.
Ariane has a great humour and helps everybody relax even in situations are under pressure.
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Pascal Drillaud

Business Development Director, France

Strategir and Pascal have been together for 20 years. He has extensive experience with many of the well-known consumer brands across a wide range of research techniques.
He has a keen interest in wine and has previously worked in the Bordeaux wine industry. You can ask him (or Emmanuel) anything about wine.
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Sophie Archambot-Corbiere

Communication and Development Director, France

Sophie has spent 20 years at Strategir. She has developed an in-depth expertise in Cosmetics and Fine Fragrance. She has created a unique sniff test approach to unlock the consumer preference.
She also has a detailed knowledge of all seafood after a long sailing trip across the Mediterranean.
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