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For our Operation Department, based in Bordeaux, we are currently recruiting a programmer.

The programmer plays a vital role in our organization. He has the ability to meet the needs of all of our customers and our internal team. In practice, you will work on the front end back end of ours research projects and our internal tools. You will Work as part of an agile development team to solve problems and develop projects in a fast paced environment. Your Main responsibility will be to be in charge of the internal user need’s analysis to accurately design, construct, implement and maintain a system in order to meet the individual needs of the user. You will also participate to challenging and diversified development assignments. You also product and process the Eye-Tracking research.

With broad-based higher education from University of applied science degree in Computer Science. Junior accepted. Displaying a passion for your profession, you have proven ability to discern intellectually and maintain good working relationships (good interpersonal skills, excellent team player). You are proficient in speaking, reading and writing English (Level C1) which is a requirement in this outward-looking environment. We have an opportunity for someone with great HTML, CSS and PHP skills who would flourish in a fast-paced, team oriented environment. The VBA source code will be needed but we do register an interest to people with ability to learn a new language. Experience with C# is a plus. You have the ability to learn quickly, orchestrate multiple activities simultaneously, master our systems and identify areas of improvements.

Please send your application with the reference “Programmer” (Cover Letter + CV) via e-mail to Mme Labuzan Gaëlle:

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