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Where next for consumers‘ sustainability motivations?

With confusion among consumers about what it means to be green, and extra priorities occupying their minds amid the COVID crisis, how can brands leverage sustainability with consumers and meet their CSR targets?
Join these sessions to dig beneath the surface and see how brands go beyond the rational, and even beyond gut emotion, to get to the real motivations and drivers of human purchase behaviour and take control of the make or break factor – how to close the gap between words and actions.

The post-COVID consumer might not be green
Five million data points can’t be wrong. Learn how world class brands have adapted their post-corona sustainability strategy to consumers’ plunging eco-motivations.
22 October at 11am London / 12:00 Paris | Register here

How to build a socially responsible offer to win the hearts and minds of consumers
Case study: How Johnson & Johnson overcame perceived functional and emotional barriers to build a winning sustainable mix by using behavioural insights with underlying consumer motivations for deep understanding.
22 October at 1.30pm London / 14:30 Paris | Register here

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