Discover the DNA of Strategir, the international marketing research institute

For over 35 years, Strategir has been accompanying all sorts of companies, advertisers and brands throughout the world. At once an advisor, partner and player during your changes, we have it at heart to construct a more sustainable and more responsible society. As an enterprise with a mission, we support our teams’ talents. Discover the DNA of Strategir, your marketing research institute.

Who are we ?

A marketing research institute that supports you in your innovations

Founded in 1986, Strategir is a marketing research institute which initially operated solely in France. In the 2000s, we developed internationally to accompany our clients wherever their business challenges take them.

We have intentionally remained a company at a human scale, with 100 employees. Historically established in Bordeaux, the address of our head office, in Lyon, Paris and Mannheim, we are now represented in numerous other countries.

We support our clients in their marketing strategy so as to help them make the right choices at the various stages of their projects:

We use different qual and quant approaches with highly varied gathering modes (physical, digital, social media, communities, etc.) depending on our clients’ challenges

Expert advisors

Our desire is truly to position ourselves as expert advisors to help in marketing decision-making and speed up necessary social and environmental changes.

Our teams: genuine partners at your service

Our experienced teams aim to be resolutely sector-based, so as to be as close as possible to your challenges and to act as a genuine partner.

We have it at heart not only to listen to you, but also to discuss with you, to share our sectorial knowledge, and even to challenge you!

During the elaboration of your research, we also try to provide the best possible turnkey services, by establishing a first-class proximity and availability. Our credo is “be seamless”.

Finally, in our analyses and recommendations, our ambition is to go further than the obvious and to help you benefit from all of our experience. Our watchword is to accompany you in your decision-making and to inspire you to progress further than research findings. Whatever your sector of activity, an expert advisor will be on hand

Our commitment to the world of today and of tomorrow

Strategir is a company with a mission. The consideration of the social, societal and environmental impacts of our activities, for a more sustainable world, is part of our commitment. Thus, since 2022, our purpose has been “Inspiring to favour a rise in enlightened consumption”.

We have adopted concrete goals to give life to our ambitions: a great part of our activities has to be devoted to carrying out impact research. Every year, we measure our collaborators’ levels of commitment and follow up our efforts with skills development. We provide ourselves with the means to act on the environment or else on communities, at a social and humanitarian level. Our commitments are pragmatic, real, measurable and based on a participatory and inclusive approach.

We want to place at our clients’ disposal expert, committed teams capable of providing tailormade accompaniment, based on approaches of very different kinds, suited to a client’s issues and to a constantly changing world.

Our societal commitment has been constructed on 3 essential pillars:

  • Our clients
  • Our collaborators
  • Our ecosystem

Our strength: a dedicated network with an international presence

We are aware that your development challenges may transcend national borders, so we accompany our clients when they carry out marketing research and analyses in a large number of countries.

 Nearly 15 years ago, we started setting up an international network around Strategir. We invented an original economic model, by structuring our partnerships as joint ventures, with local, independent marketing research institutes. With our great professional and sectorial expertise, we work with partners who bring us their cultural and business knowledge.

Thanks to our international team’s constant relationship with our joint ventures, we can guarantee the high quality of our data gathering and our provisions of analyses of different markets. We share our methodological practices and technological means so as to nourish mutually our knowledge and knowhows.

Become one of our future talents, join us!

As players in the world of advice and research, we have positioned ourselves as aggregators of skills and talents, to accompany decision-making and speed up change.

Are you a young upcoming talent, a professional in full evolution or an expert in your sector? Are you driven by an innovative business project? Our teams in Bordeaux, Paris and Lyon would be delighted to meet you and accompany you in your career.

For further information, don’t hesitate to contact Gaëlle Labuzan, Strategir’s human resources director, via email:

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