Our international network: strategic presences around the world

Strategir is aware that your development challenges may transcend national borders and can accompany you wherever you are in the world.

Nearly 15 years ago, to support your development, we launched the setting-up of an international network, based on an original economic model. This is because we initiate partnerships in the form of joint ventures, with independent local marketing research agencies, in a variety of countries.

Given our professional and sector expertise, we have been able to strengthen our capacities thanks to our partners who, on a daily basis, provide us with their local cultural and business knowhow.

Strategir’s international team is in a permanent relationship with our joint ventures, so as to guarantee the quality of data gathering and the acquisition of analyses of different markets. We pool our methodological practices and our technological means so as to nourish mutually our knowledge and our knowhow.

We invite you to discover below our market research partners worldwide.

For any information contact Ariane Van Beek, avanbeek@strategir.com


Strategir GmbH - Germany

Since 2004, our German subsidiary, based in Mannheim, has been offering Strategir portfolio of solutions to German and international clients to support them in their innovation process.

Line Kerrad, its managing director, has over 20 years’ experience in marketing research, with a focus on innovation and packaging. She is a member of the German Packaging Institute.

For further information contact Line Kerrad, kerrad@strategir.de

Ad hoc - Spain

25 years’ experience on the Spanish and Portuguese markets.

Ad hoc specialises in the mass market, but also in education, health and insurance.

Its qual and quant teams will accompany you both online and offline, for your concept and product tests, or your satisfaction and points of sales research.

Ad Hoc is recognised as being a rigorous, flexible international institute.

IMR - Italy

25 years’ experience on the Italian market.

Both qual and quant, IMR’s team will accompany in tailormade research, either face to face, or online, thanks to its proprietary digital platform.

IMR is particularly renowned for its team of enthusiastic researchers, who accompany its clients thanks to its flexible proactive and interactive approaches.

The Americas


CSS offers both qual and quant capabilities and the CSS team will assist with tailormade research designed to meet each client’s needs. Ensuring that data collection is of the highest quality is part of CSS’s DNA.

Research is conducted at 15 purpose-built test studios, equipped with sensory booths, fragrance chambers, test kitchens, laundry facilities and focus group rooms.

Arion - Brazil

35 years’ experience on the Brazilian market.

A specialist in research into cosmetics, FMCG, finance, energy, cars, logistics, technology, pharmacies, education and health.

Both qual and quant, its team will accompany you in tailormade research, face to face, online or by telephone.

More - Mexico

18 years’ experience on the Mexican market, but also in Chili, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Equator, Guatemala and Central America.

Both qual and quant, its team will accompany you in tailormade research, face to face and online, in product tests, packaging tests, sniff tests, core brand and shopper research, or in consumer awareness.

Asia / the Pacific

Blue Gate - China

15 years’ experience in China, based in Shanghai.

Both qual and quant, its team will accompany you in tailormade research, with solutions suited to each of your business issues: strategic, consumer and shopper studies. Its strengths: high-quality offline fieldwork, as well as its use of a cutting-edge digital platform and social media.

Hansa Research Group - India

With its 40 years’ experience as a major player on the Indian market, Hansa is our partner in India, Singapore, Bangladesh and the countries of South-East Asia.

Both qual and quant, its team will accompany you in tailormade research. Its strength: high-quality fieldwork and an effective analytic service.

Hansa is particularly well-known for its capacity to integrate technological innovations and provide added value to help its clients make relevant decisions.


Beyond Insight – South Africa

With 10 years’ experience in South Africa, Beyond Insight will also accompany you in Sub-Saharan Africa, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania and Mozambique.

A specialist in FMCG research.

Both qual and quant, its team will accompany you in tailormade research, with a specialisation in use and attitude studies, product tests and sensorial tests, or else shopper research.

BJ - Morocco

With 15 years’ experience in Morocco, BJ will also accompany you across the entirety of North Africa.
Both qual and quant, its team will accompany you in tailormade research, with either classic or more specific methodologies, thanks to its experts.
BJ is an institute recognised for its commitment to delivering high-quality services, based on rigorous control standards and a desire for genuine transparency.