Consultancy and training for your market research projects

Strategir accompanies and advises your teams throughout your market research projects. Above our market research offers, we can provide you with a full package: workshops, consultancy on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), but also training thanks to the Strategir Academy.

Workshops: the power of collaborative projects at the service of your goals

The better to accompany you, we have set up an offer of workshops which are unique to Strategir. Our ambition is that this offer of advice workshops will not just extend our ability to advise and accompany you before, during and after your research projects, but also to give you the opportunity to live out a memorable collaborative experience.

Our aim is that our advice workshops should be 100% operational, immersive and collaborative.

The teams in charge of these workshops, who are experts in research and markets, are highly experienced in marketing research and trained in qualitative and flexible moderation techniques.

To find out more, contact Cécile Velasco,

CSR advice, to roll out your sustainable development policy

Strategir has placed sustainable development at the heart of its preoccupations: “Inspiring to favour a rise in enlightened consumption”. So, we have made it our mission to accompany all our clients on the path towards sustainability.

We regularly flesh out and update our knowledge of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) to guide you in your thinking and your decision-making.

Our considerable expertise will allow you to address your stakeholders.

On request, we can also carry out desk research on given topics, so as to deepen certain topics relating to your offers.

We place our knowhow at the service of your marketing thought-processes about a concept, a pack and a brand’s visual identity. We can lead workshops with your teams to help you fix your priorities.

To find out more, contact Delphine Parois,

Strategir Academy: our training programmes

The market research sector is constantly evolving. So it’s important to have a sound basis to be able then to grasp its technological or methodological developments. This is why we set up the Strategir Academy.

The Strategir Academy programme is particularly well-suited to your consumer/shopper insight managers, but also your marketing managers so as to help them develop their knowhow and skills in qual, quant and shopper market research.

With Strategir Academy, you enter the heart of a market research agency, and share its technical, marketing and methodological knowhow, thanks to highly operational training.

To find out more, contact Ariane Van Beek,

All our experts are attentive to your needs, because accompanying you also means sharing our knowhow and expertise with you.

Let’s create together a more responsible world

To do so, Strategir is committed to a policy of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

Favour the creation of more virtuous offers

Strategir accompanies its clients in the development of more virtuous offers for their consumers, by using its marketing expertise and its knowledge of sustainable development.

Act with total transparency and trust

Strategir relies on the values of solidarity and mutual assistance so as to promote a relationship of trust, transparency and respect with its stakeholders.

Encourage skills development

Strategir provides its collaborators with a professional environment that favours fulfilment, by uniting empowerment, skills development and a convivial workplace.

Answer to social and environmental issues

Strategir adopts actions of solidarity, as well as sound resource management.