Understanding consumer behaviour

Understanding the behaviour of consumers, while their environment is constantly changing – thus influencing explicitly or implicitly their decision-making – is a major issue for brands.

Understanding consumers’ new demands

Consumers are being confronted by rising social and environmental issues, and thus are making new demands on brands.

Over and above a product’s features, or more generally an offer, they are now expecting that brands should have a vision and values that answer to their demands.

Understanding individuals holistically

To appreciate them better, it is necessary to connect closely with different, sometimes contradictory, realities not only with moments of purchase, but also of consumption or use.

Among other things, this means being able to understand individuals holistically, both when consuming and purchasing, and being able to pinpoint the right context so as to recreate it in a test and evaluation situation.

Understanding consumers is our business

Strategir’s ambition is to help you answer these issues.

To do so, we place at your disposal our expertise in tailormade, exploratory marketing research, by using such qualitative approaches as well as quantitative ones.

Our passion about understanding people is at your service, so as to accompany your marketing decision-making and speed up change.

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