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Unlock pack power by incorporating 360VR and implicit purchase motivations in pack evaluation

More than ever, the role of pack is crucial as the retail environment becomes continually more competitive.

Designing a new pack is challenging and launching it is often risky. A brand needs to be sure that its pack is impactful, motivating and aligned with brand values.

Strategir is relaunching Packagir® into a new generation of packs test that include virtual, to better predict shopper response, and measurement of implicit motivations, to ensure that the pack meets the true motives for buying.

At Strategir our pack testing solutions integrates the 3 key conditions for designing powerful packs to help marketers make their pack launches a success.

1. A pack has two lives

Over the years, we have seen that the biggest risk to pack success is in-shelf performance. A pack must succeed in both its ‘social’ and ‘private’ lives to be successful.

In store, a pack must win shoppers, who have little or no conscious control over what grabs their attention. It must be seen, recognised, attract and establish its positioning.

Once bought, the pack has to convince consumers. It must tell them the right story, build on its positioning and meet expectations of use, handling, information and image.

2. Context counts

Most people underestimate how the way we think and act is affected by context. Yet shopper behaviour is influenced by psychological biases which have developed over time.

As people don’t know how they make decisions, it is essential to set a realistic environment to connect them to the retail situation and allow them to behave in their usual way.

Immersion has been long been one of our areas of expertise; from a life-size shelf of real products, to a full-size poster, a video projection and now 360 virtual reality.

This latest innovation is the result of 3 years multi-award winning research and development from our partnerships with Samsung and then Firmenich on the impact of VR on respondents and the quality of results.

Now, we have incorporated our agile 360VR into our flagship pack testing solution, Packagir®, to better understand consumer behaviour.

3. Unlock purchase motivation

Neuroscience teaches us how we make decisions and the how important the unconscious is in them. Modelling reveals, and allows us to prioritise, the deep and genuine motivations of consumers.

The Beyond Reason Implicit Motivation model (BRIM), hacks the purchase decision by unlocking the unconscious motivations that drive purchase decisions in mere milliseconds.

The methodology and model developed by our partner, Beyond Reason, focuses on understanding the functional and psychological motivations against which a new package is instantly evaluated. These motivations drive purchase if they outweigh the pain of the price.

In our case study, measurement of their functional and psychological motivations pulls apart two packs that were not separated by traditionally elicited attributes. With this, the marketer can launch a pack that is in line with brand values and consumer motivations. Without it, they could have been forced to choose the pack on internal preferences without really understanding any risks that could be associated with the brand.

New Packagir® more efficiently measures pack performance in its 2 lives, delivering more predictability and more truth from our interactions with consumers.

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