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Delving deeper into consumer shopping behaviour

Gain top tips for winning at point of sale.

Shoppers buy more when it is easier to shop because we shop without knowing how we shop.
Shelf, POS material and pack help your brand to attract and convince the shopper.

  • Drive visibility and appeal of the category
  • Ensure performance in 3 key areas: Engage – Browse – Buy
  • Explore examples from different types of shopper journeys for POS growth
  • Thought provoking learnings about pack design to create shelf impact and secure recognition and communicate the message
  • Learn from case studies across categories

Also experience VR immersion for evaluating activation and packaging design.

Join our workshop on August 29, 2018, presented by: William Lu and Dorte Torpe Hansen
Free participation

Register by mail or telephone:
William Lu: / +86 21 64328010
Oscar Zhang: / +86 21 64328058 #511

Regal International East Asia Hotel
Lotus Room, 2nd Floor, 516 Hengshan Road, Shanghai

August 29th, 2018, From 8:30am to 11:30am
Refreshments will be provided from 8:30am

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