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Forget about conventional U&A: Here comes MENTOR!

Join our webinar – Thursday 25 March at 11am CET / 10am GMT – (40 min.)
Presented in English by:
Emilie Faget, Development Director, Strategir
Dorte Torpe Hansen, Chief International Development Officer, Strategir

The world is changing and brands need to adapt, fast.

It calls for an update on:
Market understanding: How do people behave, what are their drivers and barriers?
Target segmentation: Are there new groups with specific features and attitudes?
Category understanding: How do they perceive the current offer?
Growth opportunities: Where is the white space for my brand, the unmet needs to leverage?
It is very tempting to want all the answers at once, running what is traditionally called a U&A study, leading to massive questionnaires and very long reports that are hard to activate.

That’s why Strategir experts have developed a hybrid and modular solution that can effectively focus on your core objectives. It provides reliable and meaningful results quicker, with operational recommendations to drive your Innovation and Communication strategy. We call it MENTOR.

With case studies and testimonies from 3 of our clients (MoM Group, Aptar and Fleury Michon), we will demonstrate how to activate powerful market insights efficiently; to stay ahead and ensure sustainable growth.

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