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June 11-22, join our shopper week!

1 hour in your office location to show you how at Strategir, we can go one step further in understanding Shopper truth. Digital, virtual reality, AI, advanced analytics… new technologies allow us to offer new research solutions putting shoppers at the centre of the methodology to be more agile and closer to the Shopper truthWinning merchandising strategies revolve around 2 main stage:

  • The early stage: understand the path to purchase, and all of the of the conscious and subconscious choices that are made.
  • The implementation stage: accurately measure performances of a new store concept, a new layout, or POSM material, to make the right decision and convince your own clients (shoppers and retailers).

During the meeting, we will go through a few of our tried and true solutions to help you at each of those stages:

  • With Shopper Choice Modelling, we can uncover the real decision tree that shoppers operate with, based on their choices of substitute products to a purchase they made. Modelling attributes and variables associated with each product, through a reverse conjoint process, we can identify the true importance of key criteria. Information giving you access to unconscious shopper behaviour and showing you how to best optimize a shelf layout.
  • VR360 immersion test: Strategir can re-create a full store environment through virtual reality, at 360°, for a totally immersive experience. Shoppers can navigate in this environment freely and reproduce their natural behaviour. This solution allows you to test any merchandising material with flexibility and confidentiality. It also offers full control of the test parameters, unlike a real store test.

> Information and registration: please contact Cécile VELASCO

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