News > And the winner is… Strategir’s VR development wins top prize

And the winner is… Strategir’s VR development wins top prize

Innovative use of VR for product tests wins 1st prize at the French Marketing Awards 2017!

Strategir was recently awarded the 1st prize in the Research category of the renowned French Marketing Awards (Trophées Marketing 2017) for a joint study with Firmenich. The pioneering research approach gave Firmenich higher predictability for sniff tests by using VR. Virtual Reality was used to set the context for product tests which simulated the real consumption experience of a product. As context strongly influences our feelings and behaviour, the use of VR leads to more discriminating results. [Info] This year, there were ten nominees for the Research Award. Isabelle Goisbault, Head of R&D, Strategir said ‘We are very proud to have won the 1st prize despite the strong competition’. The 2nd prize went to Sociovision with NRJ and the 3rd prize to Ipsos with France Television.

With this award, something unique happened which has never happened before: Strategir won the 1st prize two years in a row! In 2016, Strategir won the same prize for a joint project with Samsung redesigning their Samsung Experience Store in Paris: [Info]

The added value of VR for your market research is significant. The immersion truly transports participants into a realistic context. We would be happy to show you more about our case studies for VR in shopper experience, laundry detergent fragrance and beer tasting. Get in touch to use our award-winning expertise as an input generator for new ideas for your market research.

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