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Nudge your product development

Nudging is nowadays often used in order to influence people’s behaviours. However, we are convinced that nudging can also influence people’s speeches. In a product development context, consumers are more and more integrated in the process: but how integrate them in the most efficient way? A trade-off between formatted and free data has to be found, in order to get data that are, at the same time, as close as possible to consumers’ mind and relevant for the ones who develop new products.
In this context, we proposed a new strategy, based on the nudge theory, called “Free JAR Profiling”. It allows to influence consumers, in a soft way, to provide product improvement keys, which is a strategical tool for product development. A sentiment score, which represents the good or the bad opinion a product drives, allows to check the relevance of the nudged data and provide a summary representation: the Sentiment Mapping.

Valorial’Connection / April 25, 11pm / Rennes, France
Presented by Alexiane LUC, Researcher Datamining at Strategir
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