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The Future of AI & Automation

This webinar event, organised by NewMR, looks at how organisations are putting AI & Automation to work in market research & insights.

Session 1, 20 September10am London (5pm Singapore, 5am New York)
Speaker : Jackie Tarran – Strategir UK
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“L’OR line extends with confidence coming from AI driven sales volume forecasts”
AI based modelling increases confidence in sales volume forecasts built on research samples of a couple of hundred consumers.
This case study shows how the Market Shaker AI volumetric model unlocked the potential of a new innovation for L’OR coffee by:

  • Integrating the right context for purchase through a realistic shopping situation;
  • Recreating the multitude of individual behaviours with powerful AI, multiplying the power to predict each one’s behaviour up to 10,000 times;
  • Considering each buyer as unique throughout the entire modelling process.

Thanks to AI’s enhanced understanding of consumers’ behaviour, JDE had the confidence of thousands upon thousands of virtual consumers’ behind the launch of their innovation.

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