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Use virtual reality to drive in-store actions

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Why modelling a store? At Samsung, it is crucial to meet shoppers’ expectations and regularly update merchandising, store layout or communication materials. To assess effectiveness of these changes, shoppers were testing several options before refurbishing the Points Of Sale. Samsung was implementing guided in-store interviews or exposing respondents to projected virtual shelf layouts. Both techniques showed limits (complicated set up, no space dimension).

Strategir and Samsung joined their force to develop a new approach combining the virtual reality expertise of Strategir and the 360VR immersion of Samsung. We evaluated the differences between using VR technology, a virtual projected visit and an actual visit to the physical store.  Our goal was to find out how well would VR technology represent a real store in terms of consumer behaviour and feelings. Overall, the experience was very positive:

  • First, people kept their focus on the task and were not disturbed by any external disturbance
  • Secondly, the visit was realistic and people thought being teleported to another universe that precisely reflected the physical store
  • Thirdly, the 360 vision was smooth and led to a natural behaviour
  • Finally, people felt free and autonomous as they looked at what they wanted

Today the new device developed by Samsung allows us to go further, thanks to the controller that can make people either teleport from one environment to another one, or move within a dedicated environment, representing endless possibilities of usage for Retail & shopper purposes.

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