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AI-based Volume Forecasting

The keystone of our AI based Market Shaker® model is that it connects all the factors influencing the purchase and performance of the innovation for each individual to forecast personal sales potential.

Covering all the possible outcomes that could occur in a market of millions would need more than typical research samples of 200. This is where artificial intelligence comes in: our AI transforms those hundreds of consumers into a virtual ‘big data’ set of up to 2m individual purchases to predict volumes with much greater confidence.

Market Shaker® meets the three key requirements for the success of your volumetric forecasts:

  • respects individual shopper behaviour throughout the entire modelling process.
  • recreates the multitude of individual behaviours over time with powerful AI where the power to predict each one’s behaviour is multiplied up to 10,000 times.
  • allows consumers to behave naturally with a realistic purchasing context.

As Market Shaker® accurately accounts for everything that influences the success of the product in its ‘shopper life’ our sales forecast unlocks real behaviour.

Case study: CaseStudy_Predict_Nov 2017

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