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Virtual reality

Virtual reality can be the key to creating the right context or situation – an important factor in product testing. Through award-winning projects with clients over recent years, we’ve seen how different virtual reality environments help project consumers into the experience of using or tasting a product:

  • 3D imaging of different product alternatives still being developed can simulate gestures enabling consumers to better visualise product handling
  • 360° immersive experience (Samsung Gear VR headset):
    • Connecting consumers to a situation where emotions and interactions can impact product evaluation. For example testing a beer at a café terrace with friends.
    • Connecting shoppers to a virtual environment true to life that can be changed to test several options.

Our technology and research experts work together to find a solution that makes the virtual experience so realistic that people feel and behave as though in the real world, in order to unlock a more predictive consumer truth.

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