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Dedicating our expertise to enhance your marketing projects

Innovation assessment, understanding of your markets and customer experience, consulting, or training, whatever your needs are, our teams will provide you the best support. With over 35 years or experience and our proven methodologies, Strategir is the dependable partner for all your marketing projects

Support you in all your innovation projects

Product test

Service testing

Concept testing

Price test

Sniff test

Design thinking

Packaging test

Strategir understands just how vital innovation is for our clients. We are committed to supporting you at all the stages of your thought process, in line with challenges you are facing.

We also know that there is not just one innovation process or culture. This is why we have chosen to be 100% agile and ad-hoc agency to adapt to your culture, your needs and your unique challenges.

We support you from the beginning of your innovation journey, starting at the exploratory phase to discover new opportunities. We also help you at the further development stage for prioritisation of your ideas. You can continue to count on us at the pre-launch phase to validate and evaluate your propositions.

At Strategir, innovation is also our motto, so we can go further with our analyses, renew our data collection methods, and gain advantages in our methodological practices. We always have a collaborative approach for innovation, brainstorming and launch approaches that fit your needs.

Identify and understand your market and consumers


Framing study

Segmentation study


Understanding evolutions in the market and the targets is the key to a successful brand strategy. At the same time, digital and multi and cross channel experiences have changed the game when it comes to customer expectations, their paths to purchase and their relationships with brands. A profound knowledge of your market and its transformations is the first essential step to stay ahead of your competitors, identify growth opportunities and build customer loyalty.

At Strategir, we think that hybrid and modular solutions are essential to support you to gain the right market and consumer knowledge. More than ever, it is vital to closely meet your specific needs to generate reliable and meaningful insights, that lead to fully informed decision-making.

With the carefully selected qualitative and quantitative experts, backed by authentic industry knowledge, our teams are well-equipped to guide you in identifying and capitalising the full business opportunities.

Understanding customer experiences to make them even better

Journey Study
Omnichannel Customers

Balance Sheet

UX testing

VR implantation test

Enhancing customer experience has become a priority for brands. The challenge is to create a memorable, distinct and satisfying experience that can strengthen the brand/consumer relationship, to ultimately foster loyalty and encourage endorsements.

Through the consumer journeys, up to the moment of purchase and consumption, their experiences need to be perfect and perceived to be personalised.

However, it is clear that not all consumers are sensitive to the same factors of influence and engagement factors during their decision, purchase and consumption journeys. An individual may have different reactions to the product depending on the contexts and occasions.

With the understanding of the impact factors, Strategir offers support for you to build the best shopper and consumer experience and win in your competitive universe.

Consultancy & Training


Conseil RSE


ad hoc

To provide support for your insight requirements, our experts are proficient in various domains, offering consulting interactions with your teams and/or training at various levels.

Our consultation services

  • Help you finalise your test materials, giving you feedback concerning post-research optimisations.
  • Inform you on specific topics as an expert (decarbonation, CSR, labels, etc.).
  • Inspire your team by sharing our sector insights.
  • Support activation of your strategic decisions and communicating it to your own stakeholders.
  • Lead your internal workshops or brainstorming sessions.

Our training services

  • Strategir Academy provides various market research related training sessions.

Let’s create a more responsible world together

Strategir is committed to our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy.

We help you to create more virtuous offers

Strategir works together with the clients in the development of more virtuous offers for their consumers, with our marketing expertise and knowledge in sustainable development.

Act with total transparency and trust

Strategir embraces the values of solidarity and mutual support to build on trust, transparency and respect with its stakeholders.

Encourage skill development

Strategir cultivates a professional environment that prioritises the fulfilment of its team members by fostering empowerment.

Address social and environmental issues

Strategir adopts actions of solidarity, as well as sound resource management.