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Essential multi-sector marketing expertise for your projects

Strategir is made with experts specialised in the sectors: beauty / luxury / fragrances, FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods), banking / finance / insurance / transport / telecommunication. Whatever your needs and wherever your market is, our sector experts will provide a response to all kinds of issues.

Our expertise in the beauty, luxury and fragrances sector

The beauty, luxury, fragrances sector has been at the heart of Strategir’s expertise for over 20 years. Today, it represents 60% of our activity.

We have proudly supported world leaders in the sector, such as L’Oréal, Coty and LVMH  for many years, both in France and across the world, tackling various tactical and strategic challenges tactically and strategically.

Our teams are formed based on sector specialisation, so that they have the greatest possible affinity with your sector challenges and needs. With the extremely strong sector expertise (fragrances, haircare, body care, make-up) and marketing research skills, we challenge your briefs, suggest customised research solutions, carry out high-quality studies, and deliver clear and actionable insights and recommendations, while also providing high-level consultations so you can benefit more from the research to go further.

The beauty-luxury-fragrances team’s complementary skillsets (qual, quant, data, exploratory research, shopper research…) are at your disposal. The dedicated expert team will work closely with you throughout your projects.

Supporting brands in the FMCG sector

FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) sector is the longstanding key specialism for Strategir.

Our team of experts are available to support you with a genuine category expertise and insight capabilities obtained through over 35 years history of collaborations with the greatest players in the Food & Drinks industry (Nestlé, Lactalis, Mondelez, Heineken…) and the specialist companies (Fleury Michon, BPHR, Triballat, Cofigeo…).

Our collaborative approach is based not only on the exceptional quality of our research procedure, but also on our keen dedication to client services.

This is why we proactively provide guidance and assistance on as many elements and process of study as possible, including logistics, stimuli creation and product sourcing.

Finally, given that our sense of service also means pushing our own limitations. Part of our ambition now is to assist you in your most complex research projects, such as reaching out to the hard-to-reach targets or researching in less familiar markets.

Catering for the needs of market understanding of the service sectors

The service sector is a diverse entity which encompasses fields such as banking, finance/insurance, transportation and telecommunications.

Our multidisciplinary team with fully integrated qual and quant skills, we give meaning to attitudes, behaviours and customer journeys, for the consistent goal of obtaining actionable insights.

In the increasingly challenging market, where added value is taken for granted, Strategir’s services sector team helps clients. They have trusted us to know their target consumers and markets better: customer expectations, competitive positionings, customer satisfaction, endorsement and, of course, the right marketing mix, to optimise their services offers.

Our philosophy is to be by your side with a true advisory approach, whether your issues are strategic or tactical.

Our ad-hoc methodologies enable us to address all types of targets, including the rare or most complex ones (B2B, internal, B2C), for an exploration research, innovation or an offer test.

Let’s create a more responsible world together

Strategir is committed to our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy.

We help you to create more virtuous offers

Strategir works together with the clients in the development of more virtuous offers for their consumers, with our marketing expertise and knowledge in sustainable development.

Act with total transparency and trust

Strategir embraces the values of solidarity and mutual support to build on trust, transparency and respect with its stakeholders.

Encourage skill development ​

Strategir cultivates a professional environment that prioritises the fulfilment of its team members by fostering empowerment.

Address social and environmental issues

Strategir adopts actions of solidarity, as well as sound resource management.