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Evaluate your products and services with precision

Strategir has been an expert assessment partner for a number of blue-chip companies for over 35 years – evaluating concepts, packaging, products and services, their use and functionality

Optimise the potential of your offers with our expertise in testing

Product testing has been Strategir’s core business for over 35 years with more than 2000 innovations tested each year!

Tests at Strategir cover the entire evaluation scope of your Marketing Mix:

  • Concept
  • Packaging
  • Product or Service
  • Price
  • Full Mix
  • Communication
  • Shopper Experience
  • Retailer website

Realistic replication of the purchasing context with high-quality visualisation and virtual reality

At Strategir, we know that the context matters. We deploy imaging and competitive situation know-how to test your ideas as closely as possible to their future reality of purchase, consumption, or use.

KPIs to identify the factors behind your offer’s success

With our expertise in innovation testing, we have developed over time a large number of key indicators (KPI signature) that identify the key success factors that drive advantages of your new offers vs. competition.

Strategir, your innovation partner

Finally, with our commitment to be the true partner in your innovation process, our recommendations are designed to fully support you in your optimisations. You will draw inspirations from them to rework your offers, integrating a CSR (Social and Environmental Responsibility) approach through our sustainability score

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innovation offers with confidence


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