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Understanding consumer behaviour

Understanding consumer behaviours is a major challenge for brands as the environments are constantly changing and explicitly and implicitly influencing their decision-making.

Understanding new consumer demands

Faced with the acceleration of social and environmental challenges, consumers have new demands on brands.

Beyond the functions and benefits of a product, consumers now expect brands to convey a vision and values ​​that are in line with their own.

Understanding individuals in their entirety

To holistically understand the individuals, it is necessary to truly connect to their different, sometimes contradictory, realities both in purchase and consumption situations.

This means we need to capture them in the right context by recreating the right environment in a test and evaluate in the situation.

Understanding consumers is our business

At Strategir, our ambition is to help you understand the consumers in their different realities and aspirations.

We provide our expertise in ad-hoc exploratory marketing research studies, using both qualitative and quantitative approaches.

We dedicate our passion to comprehending people to support your marketing decision-making and accelerate transformation.

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