Anticipate your innovations’ potential

The marketing of an innovation – or renovation – generally entails massive industrial and communication investments . So as to maximise your ROI, Strategir has developed a sales-volume estimation tool which will allow you to grasp clearly your offer’s performance.

The issues of an offer’s performance

Over and above the solidity of the research protocols that have been used, some specific innovations require a secured and robust simulation of sales volumes, taking into account the competitive context, distribution policy and promotional investments.

Strategir has developed a sales-volume estimation tool

Strategir has developed a specific micro-modelling tool to estimate your sales volumes, so as to accompany you in the launch of your offers or products, while managing risks as carefully as possible. It will allow you to project your return on investment effectively and rapidly.

Market Shaker®: discover our micro-modelling tool

Based on the principle of micro-modelling, Market Shaker® is made up not only of a tailormade research phase (in person or online) but also the use of retail panels. Using AI (Artificial Intelligence), we reconstruct an extremely broad virtual panel of consumers, in which all the factors that influence and characterise a purchase are linked to individuals.

Innovation Potential Score: measure the potential of your product launches

We have developed a proprietary KPI (Key Performance Indicator), derived from this model: the Innovation Potential Score can be adapted to your packaging or concept launches.

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