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Anticipate the potential of your innovations

The marketing of an innovation or a renovation generally require significant production and communication investments. To maximise the ROI of your launches, Strategir offers a sales volume estimation tool that helps you better anticipate the performance of your future offer.

The challenge in estimating post-launch performance

As well as testing the idea through a robust research approach, we need to consider the competitive context, distribution plans and promotional activities to successfully estimate continuous success of the innovations

Strategir’s holistic sales-volume forecasting tool

Strategir has developed a micro-modelling tool to estimate sales volume of your innovation to help you project your return on investment quickly and efficiently

Market Shaker®: discover our micro-modelling tool

The micro-model Market Shaker® uses AI to analyse the factors influencing purchases and predicts the sales volume of innovations. It transforms a sample of about 200 consumers into a “virtual panel” of 2 million, enhancing accuracy of the forecast. The model considers individual purchase behaviours and market context to predict the sales volume of the tested innovation with great reliability

Innovation Potential Score: measure the potential of your product launches

We provide a proprietary KPI (Key Performance Indicator), developed based on the model: the Innovation Potential Score can be adapted to your packaging and concept launch planning.

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