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Understanding your markets and consumer expectations

Our experts in exploratory research provide you with valuable insights backed by their deep knowledge of your markets and target consumers, detecting valuable business opportunities.

U&A: understanding Usage and Attitude

To support you with approaches that are customised for your needs, we have designed our U&A (Usages and Attitudes) system called MENTOR®. It is a flexible and hybrid set of modules, built upon the following 4 pillars:

  • Context: We study respondents “in context”, and collect data “in the moment”, to obtain more reliable results.
  • Hybrid: We use qualitative and quantitative approaches to explore explicit and implicit responses to understand behaviours and motivations in-depth, beyond the conscious level.
  • Modular approach: We combine bite-size modules to customise studies to maximise flexibility and reliability, as well as managing the budget.
  • Expertise: We provide experts knowledge of your business sector to offer you the highest quality recommendations and advice.

Segmentation studies

Segmentation (typologies) is useful for building business strategies effectively targeting the right consumers. We use both qualitative (archetypes, personae) and quantitative (statistical clustering) methods.

We support you beyond research findings by helping your internal teams to fully appropriate and use the key insights to build effective innovation and communication strategies through workshops.

We make sure our insights are 100% actionable and immersive, so that you can keep the momentum alive for your future decisions.

Our senior sector experts will help you to get the best out of the studies with highly strategic impact.

Market sizing

It may be wise to start with market sizing (scoping) when running a exploratory study, to map out your market accurately and gain a consolidated understanding of the forces involved (key players, brand territories) and opportunities (barriers, white spaces).

Qualitative, quantitative and data management skills of our teams, coupled with their mastery of your sector specific challenges, will help you grasp what is at stake in your markets in a more enlightened way.

In addition, we organise action-focused workshops with you to turn the key insights into specific business executions.

Exploratory qualitative research

Consumer behaviour can sometimes seem contradictory and full of paradoxes. Exploratory qualitative research provides an in-depth understanding of the perceptions and representations that underpin consumer behaviour.

Our teams of qualitative experts, specialised in your sector challenges, will guide you actively, identifying the key insights and new business opportunities.

We analyse words, images, as well as conscious and unconscious behaviours, taking into account the social trends and cultural influences, to give you full picture of consumer realities.

Let’s create a more responsible world together

Strategir is committed to our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy.

We help you to create more virtuous offers

Strategir works together with the clients in the development of more virtuous offers for their consumers, with our marketing expertise and knowledge in sustainable development.

Act with total transparency and trust

Strategir embraces the values of solidarity and mutual support to build on trust, transparency and respect with its stakeholders.

Encourage skill development

Strategir cultivates a professional environment that prioritises the fulfilment of its team members by fostering empowerment.

Address social and environmental issues

Strategir adopts actions of solidarity, as well as sound resource management.