Develop innovative offers reliably

Your brand’s success and longevity depend on innovation. Innovation is a thrilling adventure. It is also a subtle journey, scattered with pitfalls. Thanks to over 30 years’ experience, Strategir has acquired the best methodological and technological procedures to accompany your innovations onto the market.

Innovation: the source of well-managed growth

Innovation allows a brand to emerge on its market, enhance its business performance, while retaining or acquiring customers. Strategir can help you to avoid traps by challenging you and accompanying you all along your innovation pathway.

Understanding consumers: the key to success

We are convinced that only a clear understanding of consumers can allow you to make the right decisions. This understanding must cover the entire purchase and consumption journey so as to safeguard the relevant success factors for your innovation to come.

Strategir combines different types of methodology

At Strategir, we know that innovating is a subtle and sometimes complex art. So as to support you in the best way, we bring together different internal and even external skillsets, varied explicit or implicit methodologies and diverse technologies:

  • Quantitative research
  • Qualitative research
  • Shopper research
  • Co-Creation
  • Data
  • Technology

Strategir: your innovation partner

So our wish is to adopt the position of a genuine partner in your innovation. In a partnership capable of challenging, accompanying and advising your teams in a rationale of attentiveness, closeness and a complementarity of knowledge during all the development stages of your offers.
In the end, the aim is help you identify today the offers that will make your business successful tomorrow, while always bearing in mind upcoming social and environmental issues.

Discover how we can meet your various needs:


consumer behaviour


precisely your products and services


your innovations’ potential