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Develop innovation offers with confidence

The success and long-lasting health of your brand depend on effective innovation. The innovation journey is an exciting adventure, but also full of pitfalls. With more than thirty years of experience, Strategir offers methodologies and techniques to be the best companion of your innovation journeys.

Innovation, a source of strategic growth

Innovation allows a brand to emerge in its market, increase its business performance, foster loyalty and attract new consumers. At Strategir, we not only guide you through the innovation process but also provide unwavering support to help you navigate and overcome any challenges along the way.

Understanding consumers, the key to success

We firmly believe that achieving a comprehensive and profound understanding of the consumer is paramount for making the right decisions. This understanding must shed light at every critical moment of your decision-making process to fortify your innovation strategies.

Combination of various types of methodologies that support your innovation journeys

We know at Strategir that the mastery (and success!) of an innovation process is an art that demands nuance and is often complex. In order to provide you with optimal support, we combine different internal and external skills, a variety of explicit or implicit methodologies, as well as range of cutting-edge technologies:

  • Quantitative research
  • Qualitative research
  • Shopper research
  • Co-Creation
  • Data
  • Technology

Strategir: your innovation partner

We stand as a genuine partner for your innovation endeavours, a partner who challenges, supports and guides your teams with an ethos of attentive engagement, close collaboration and a fusion of expertise across all stages of development of your offers.
Our ultimate goal is to aid you in identifying the offerings that steer your business towards success, while keeping an eye on the impending social and environmental challenges to come.

Find out how we can meet your unique needs:


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your products and services with precision


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