Our solutions to improve your customer experience

A satisfactory customer experience, i.e. effective and efficient, is essential in the brand/consumer or customer or user relationship. If on top, it is conveying emotional benefits, the link to the brand will only be reinforced. At Strategir, we know how a successful UX or CX has become the holy grail. This is why we have different approaches and technological tools at the service of your UX.

Omnichannel customer-journey research

Shopper journey research provides an understanding of buyers’ decision pathways and an identification of the various touchpoints that should be activated, according to the type of journey, so as to draw them into your store or quite simply towards your brand.

Thanks to a variety of flexible, digital methods, we can help you to pinpoint the key information that structures each step of the shopper journey: considering, searching, confirming and buying.
In stores or through e-commerce, our sector teams will accompany you in your understanding of where, when and how you can capture buyers during their journeys and advise you in how to make the right decisions when activating your omnichannel strategy.

Category assessment

Because of our extremely long experience of shopper research, Strategir’s teams put at your disposal all their multidisciplinary knowhow via 100% tailormade, hybrid approaches (qual, quant, implicit and explicit) so as to help you evaluate and optimise your experience of in-store sales.
Our shopper, but also our data, expertise has also allowed us to develop a statistical modelling tool, called Shopper Choice Modeling®, to accompany you in the identification of the implicit entry keys for shoppers on your points of sales.

UX (User eXperience) test

At Strategir, we have it at heart to accompany you throughout your experience issues, for physical products and packs, and also online.
We have thus developed a specific test protocol devoted to testing users of web pages, applications or quite simply the online pathway.
Thanks to our hybrid qual, quant, implicit and explicit skillsets, we set out to be as close as possible to user experiences in all their dimensions so that we can identify any “pain-points” which, once corrected, will allow you to offer an optimal user experience.

These test protocols can also be activated in the form of design thinking, on the beta versions of your interfaces, with the goal of bringing out user needs, which might not have been addressed during the initial conception phase, and thus take further the experience of your brand.

VR (Virtual Reality) layout tests

Retail situation tests aim at validating merchandising solutions (shelf layouts, POS ads, markers, entire stores or showrooms) to improve the buying experience. However, at Strategir, we believe that an immersive life-size environment is required to be able to evaluate shopper behaviours accurately.
Our tests have proved this: the visual pathways through a display are not at all the same on a screen as they are at actual size. Online tests create legibility challenges and lead to a loss of the visual effect of mass for a brand.

This is why Strategir has developed a unique skillset in virtual reality , which has won numerous awards. Thanks to VR (Virtual Reality) headsets, we can run 3D tests of environments of any size in an ultra-realistic way. Consumers are taken on board and reproduce natural behaviours in terms of visual navigation, consideration time and purchases. We can thus model the volume performances and values associated with your merchandising in a reliable, precise manner.Haut du formulaire

Let’s create together a more responsible world

To do so, Strategir is committed to a policy of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

Favour the creation of more virtuous offers

Strategir accompanies its clients in the development of more virtuous offers for their consumers, by using its marketing expertise and its knowledge of sustainable development.

Act with total transparency and trust

Strategir relies on the values of solidarity and mutual assistance so as to promote a relationship of trust, transparency and respect with its stakeholders.

Encourage skills development

Strategir provides its collaborators with a professional environment that favours fulfilment, by uniting empowerment, skills development and a convivial workplace.

Answer to social and environmental issues

Strategir adopts actions of solidarity, as well as sound resource management.