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Advanced data analysis to maximise sales potential of your innovation

To measure and understand the potential of your innovations clearly, Strategir has designed a specific analysis system with scores. The objective is to provide you with quantitively summarised data of consumer evaluations, to help you quickly take the right direction in marketing your products.

Perception des consommateurs

Measuring consumer perceptions of the three main CSR pillars

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) challenges are increasingly becoming the focus of citizens’ concerns. Consumers are taking an ever-greater interest in it, just like Strategir.

We have developed a proprietary KPI (Key Performance Indicator) capable of quantifying the perceptions of your offers based on the three main pillars of sustainability: health, the planet and ethics.

To get closer to the truth, we base our sustainability score on a hybrid model, combining explicit and implicit measurements. Our sustainability score helps you validate if the intentions in your CSR approach – pack, product or concept – are interpreted in the right way by your consumers.

Measuring uniqueness of a product with a signature score

Liking is often considered to be one of the main indicators. Our experience has taught us that liking does not always tell the whole story. So, how do we capture and synthesise the entire product experience beyond liking?

Our signature score provides simple, effective and comparable representations of one product vs another. It gives a measurement of uniqueness of a product and indicates overall strengths of each product.

We use this KPI (Key Performance Indicator) in the context of comparative analyses of a large number of product, and obtain a storytelling and actionable results.

Typicité produit
Capacité d'un produit

Estimating the product’s ability to be adapted over time using the adoption score

Liking an innovation in a blind test is one thing. Liking it so much that you want to adopt it and to replace your usual product with it is another. This is required for the genuine success of the innovation. So, how to measure this true potential success?

An “average consumer” doesn’t exist. There is a need to bear in mind uniqueness of different individuals to better measure true potential or success.

Therefore, we have created a compound adoption score. This score, modelled at an individual level, considers both the performance of the innovation and openness for switching of each individual. Calculated this way, it  provides an realistic and quantified indicator of adoption potential.

Simulating sales volume with the Market Shaker® model

Market Shaker® model, based on an AI (Artificial Intelligence) technique, brings together all the factors that influence purchase of individuals and performances of an innovation, to effectively estimate sales volumes.

In our model, artificial intelligence transforms around a hundred respondents into a “virtual panel” of up to 2 million consumers, for a more reliable volume forecast.

The Market Shaker® model forecasts sales volumes of your innovation taking into account multitude of individual behaviours, bringing in purchase contexts and market situations.

Market Shaker® accurately captures everything that influences product success.

Simulation de volume
Performance innovation

Measuring innovation performance using Inno Potential Score

Derived from our Market Shaker® model, the Innovation Potential Score® reflects potential of a concept to generate purchases. It represents a large number of innovation ideas by just one indicator. Based on the principle of micro-modelling, it takes into account both individual behaviours (in particular purchase frequency) and a measurement of the act of purchase, providing more reliable prediction of performance ranking.

Do you want to set up consumer or user tests and benefit from these unique analysis scores?

Let’s create a more responsible world together

Strategir is committed to our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy.

We help you to create more virtuous offers

Strategir works together with the clients in the development of more virtuous offers for their consumers, with our marketing expertise and knowledge in sustainable development.

Act with total transparency and trust

Strategir embraces the values of solidarity and mutual support to build on trust, transparency and respect with its stakeholders.

Encourage skill development

Strategir cultivates a professional environment that prioritises the fulfilment of its team members by fostering empowerment.

Answer to social and environmental issues

Strategir adopts actions of solidarity, as well as sound resource management.