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We unlock consumer truth to drive sustainable growth throughout the path to purchase

Strategir has been at the forefront of market research since 1986. Passionately curious about people and behaviour, we deliver more than quality data ; we make it meaningful and identify viable opportunities for our clients.
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Our Difference

Our goal is to turn consumer truth into brand growth.

Unlocking consumer truth throughout the path to purchase is the most powerful way. We need to see the bigger picture to understand the whole consumer decision-making process.

At Strategir we do market research because we’re passionate about exploring the reasons why people behave the way they do across different cultures and markets. Strategir can help you look at each step of the brand journey, from innovation and product performance to point of sale, shopper insights and forecasting the market potential.

Using curiosity and expertise we understand your business environment. Proactive and pragmatic, we work hand-in-hand with all our clients to unlock the consumer truth and identify opportunities for growth.

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Which Online Community to boost your insights?

Everyone talks about more frequent and agile insights. You need are more engaged consumers to provide you with reliable feedback so you can make the […]

READ MORE 5 June 2019

Implicit to unlock Unconscious Purchase Motivations

Neuroscience teaches us that in less than a second our brain “filters” any stimulus, impacting our behaviour. Our partner Beyond Reason has developed a scientific […]

READ MORE 5 June 2019

Innovative use of VR for new showroom test wins 1st prize at the French Marketing Awards 2019!

For the 3rd time, Strategir was awarded the Gold 1st prize in the Research category of the renowned French Marketing Awards (Trophées Marketing 2019) for […]

READ MORE 21 May 2019

Hacking the purchase decision – Influencing consumer behaviour with neuroscience insights

Collecting information directly from deep brain regions (without being tainted with conscious reasoning) Conveying commercial messages directly towards these deep brain regions Implicit non-declarative data […]

READ MORE 29 April 2019

Se connecter au consommateur 2019 : bienvenue dans notre Context Lab !

Strategir vous convie à une journée d’ateliers et de conférences le jeudi 6 juin / 9h-15h / Galerie MR14 Le Marais, 14 rue Portefoin, 75003 […]

READ MORE 29 April 2019

Unlock Pack Power with 360VR and implicit purchase motivations

Find out how to overcome the challenges faced by pack designs Launching any new pack design carries significant risks and in-shelf performance is often the […]

READ MORE 29 April 2019

Nudge your product development

Nudging is nowadays often used in order to influence people’s behaviours. However, we are convinced that nudging can also influence people’s speeches. In a product […]

READ MORE 23 April 2019

Einladung zur Road Show: Erleben Sie VR-Packungstests jetzt live vor Ort!

Seit dem Relaunch im April 2019 bieten wir den neuen Packungstest Packagir®, der VR und implizite Messungen kombiniert und so zuverlässigere Ergebnisse liefert. Menschen kaufen […]

READ MORE 11 April 2019

Pensez LAB, ou comment réinventer les workshop clients !

Comment aujourd’hui contourner et aller au-delà des limites des workshop d’activation et d’accompagnement ? Activer de nouveaux leviers avec des formats agiles et collaboratifs à […]

READ MORE 18 March 2019

Expérience shopper : Comment tester des nouveaux magasins ou des parcours ?

La refonte d’un point de vente ou d’un showroom est un moment charnière, la réalisation de maquette physique est trop couteuse, et l’utilisation de photos […]

READ MORE 18 March 2019
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I introduced out Samsung Gear VR in 2015. At that time we had only our enthusiasm for the potential of virtual immersion for research. 2 Golden Trophies in 12 months reward our R&D work and the development of a VR offer. Great job!

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Emmanuel Malard, Consumer and Market Insight Manager, Samsung

L’Oréal Consumer Product Division

For the first time at L’Oréal we leveraged virtual reality to review a category reinvention initiative. We have been working with a lot of people to make this happen. We learnt a lot in the process and had a good time. We are very proud of what we have achieved together

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To view the case study click here

Benjamin Amsellem, International Consumer & Shopper Insight Director, L’Oréal Consumer Product Division
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Virtual technology

Virtual technology makes it easier to connect with consumers and to provide the right context. Shoppers needs to be connected to the shopper situation. Different virtual reality environments can also help project consumers into the experience of using or tasting a product.

Our technology and research experts work together to find a solution that makes the virtual experience so realistic that people feel and behave as though in the real world, in order to unlock a more predictive consumer truth.

Virtual technology is an integral part of our way to unlock consumer truth.

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