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We unlock consumer truth to drive sustainable growth throughout the path to purchase

Strategir has been at the forefront of market research since 1986. Passionately curious about people and behaviour, we deliver more than quality data ; we make it meaningful and identify viable opportunities for our clients.
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Our goal is to turn consumer truth into brand growth.

Unlocking consumer truth throughout the path to purchase is the most powerful way. We need to see the bigger picture to understand the whole consumer decision-making process.

At Strategir we do market research because we’re passionate about exploring the reasons why people behave the way they do across different cultures and markets. Strategir can help you look at each step of the brand journey, from innovation and product performance to point of sale, shopper insights and forecasting the market potential.

Using curiosity and expertise we understand your business environment. Proactive and pragmatic, we work hand-in-hand with all our clients to unlock the consumer truth and identify opportunities for growth.



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New Ideas, approaches, connections

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New virtual immersion for evaluating category layout and packaging design

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Réalité virtuelle, réalité augmentée : comment anticiper ces évolutions ?

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What clients say

The Strategir® Market Shaker® model stands out for me because it has been able to factor in the complexities of our category perfectly through the rigour and emphasis placed on the “at shelf” element of the research. The end result is high level of concept feedback plus a volume forecast built in a robust and realistic way. Very impressive.

Group Marketing Director, Thai Union (John West, Petit Navire, MareBlu)

Virtual technology

Virtual technology makes it easier to connect with consumers and to provide the right context. Shoppers needs to be connected to the shopper situation. Different virtual reality environments can also help project consumers into the experience of using or tasting a product.

Our technology and research experts work together to find a solution that makes the virtual experience so realistic that people feel and behave as though in the real world, in order to unlock a more predictive consumer truth.

Virtual technology is an integral part of our way to unlock consumer truth.


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