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Our expert’s tips to decode hyper-connected consumers’ expectations

In our increasingly digital society, Market Research must stay connected to people. Strategir developed a mobile app for Mouton Cadet which enabled the brand to be present at the moment of the wine’s consumption, into the consumer’s reality.
Participants were invited to take a picture of the wine purchased on the set table, then record themselves gathering their friends’ opinions while tasting the wine. Thus they became a reporter for their whole tribe

Discover a great way to capture context, reach “tribes” for very specific targets and observe behaviour during consumption.

Join us and register free for our 15 min webinar:
Festival of NewMR – Atlantic Monday
4th March, 2019 / 3pm (London) / Speaker: Delphine PAROIS
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Strategir > News > IieX 2019 EU

IieX 2019 EU

Amsterdam – February 18-19, 2019

We are proud to be Gold sponsors at the Iiex conference in Amsterdam. Join us for two days of Innovation, Insights and Impact.
Visit us at Table T and do not miss Strategir and Firmenich co-presenting on day 2 of the conference:

 “360 VR Immersion for More Engagement and More Actionable Results”

Speakers: Isabelle Goisbault, Strategir’s Chief Innovation Officer, and Fabien Craignou, Firmenich Global Director Consumer Insights, Laundry Detergents Category

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Strategir & Agrocampus are taking part in the Insight Innovation Competition with our new Free Jar & sentiment score innovative product test methodology . Please give us your vote Here and keep fingers crossed afterwards.

Strategir > News > The Quirks Event, London

The Quirks Event, London

London – February 12-13, 2019

We are excited to exhibit and speak at the Quirks Event for its first ever London edition. Two days of insightful discussions, presentations and networking open to all marketing research and insights professionals.

Meet our team at Kiosk S and join us and our client FIRMENICH for our presentations:

 “How AI-driven Sales Volume Forecasts Inspired Confidence in L’OR Coffee Line Extensions” presented by Jackie Tarran, Managing Director UK

 “360 VR Immersion for More Engagement and More Actionable Results” presented by Isabelle Goisbault, Strategir’s Chief Innovation Officer, and
Marie-Clarte Vignon, Firmenich Consumer Insights Director, Fine Fragrance Europe

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Strategir > News > Executing Shopper Insights 2019

Executing Shopper Insights 2019

London –February 6-7, 2019

This major insights event returns in early February for the 7th edition. Once again, it will bring together professionals from leading brands and retailers across Europe to discuss the changing shopper insights market.

A great opportunity to showcase our 360VR Shopper experience, a dynamic solution for:

  • Shelf layout testing
  • In-context pack design testing
  • Volume forecasting

Contact us now to arrange a meeting on-site:

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Strategir > News > Best Wishes 2019

Best Wishes 2019

We wish you a very merry Christmas and prosperous New Year!

Strategir > News > Silver Trophy with Firmenich – Bring life into your product evaluation with 360 virtual reality context

Silver Trophy with Firmenich – Bring life into your product evaluation with 360 virtual reality context

Firmenich develop personal & home care fragrances for manufacturers with the objective to design successful fragrances.

Strategir, one of the key players for testing fragrances, believe Virtual Reality could immerse consumers in a context connecting them to the product category and help them to evaluate better the fragrances.

Strategir & Firmenich developed different VR contexts and research protocols for evaluating fragrances.

Our experience highlights the importance of choosing the right context and protocol, and how engaged consumers, being immersed, connected and focus, lead to more operational results.

Innovation Trophy SYNTHEC OFFREMEDIA Awarded by a jury of professionals: Laure Debos (Publicis Media), Sabine De Wolf (=Sephora), Jean-Claude Dubost (Carrefour), Denis Guiot (Paris Dauphine university), Henri-Jacques Letellier (Procter and Gamble), Emmanuel Malard (Samsung Electronics France), Valérie Sacriste (Paris Descartes university) and Sandrine Seksik (MC DONALD France), led by Eric de Rugy.

Contact us to know more:
Isabelle Goisbault, Chief Innovation Officer

Strategir > News > Packaging to win hearts and minds among newly socially conscious consumers

Packaging to win hearts and minds among newly socially conscious consumers

At a time when ever more of us are concerned about the issues of plastic polluting our oceans, food waste, animal welfare, food safety and health, packaging must embrace these new challenges, as well fulfil its traditional roles, to convince shoppers that your product is the one for them.

Shoppers and consumers respond to brands that tell an authentic, meaningful and consistent story. How can you make sure your pack communicates the right messages to capture the hearts and minds of consumers, and lead them further towards making sustainable choices while maintaining your core brand attributes?

We are often asked about guidelines for success in packaging development. So we have drawn on the learning from the many product mixes and pack innovations we test and evaluate each year across a wide range of product categories, and added some new inspirations we saw when we recently attended SIAL PARIS 2018, the world’s largest food innovation exhibition.

We will bring you 8 key challenges that packaging must address and a toolkit of best practices to master them and win in your packaging development.

Click to register free for our 30min webinar
4th December | 11am CET (Berlin) | Presented in German by: Line Kerrad | Register here
4th December | 11am GMT (London) | Presented in English by: Jackie Tarran | Register here
6th December | 11am CET (Paris) | Presented in French by: Delphine Parois | Register here

Strategir > News > Carine Tami joins Strategir-WSA!

Carine Tami joins Strategir-WSA!

Emmanuel Delsuc, Chief Executive Officer of the Strategir group, announced that Carine Tami will join Strategir-WSA as Managing Director on October 1st, 2018.

Carine Tami has around 20 years experience in qualitative market research in France and Asia gained at Research International, Kantar TNS and, most recently, CSA Research.

“As the market research industry evolves further towards hybrid approaches that combine data and research, my mission is to develop innovative multi-method approaches which deliver insight with the necessary agility and to infuse our modalities; Qual, Quant and Creative, across the Strategir group.” commented Carine Tami.

Strategir > News > Unlock the secret meaning of consumer feedback

Unlock the secret meaning of consumer feedback

Join our workshop (free participation) presented by Emmanuel PHILIPPE, Strategir WSA

October 18, 2018 – From 9.00am to 11.00am
Location: Strategir WSA – 5 rue Jules Vallès – 75011 PARIS, France

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Here, finally, is a solution to a semantic analysis which really strengthens your consumer knowledge from research verbatims, customer reviews, social media, etc.
Carglass and Danone will share their experience of using it.

Strategir WSA and its partner Human Knowledge have developed this exclusive solution. This combines automated analysis of consumer feedback collected from multiple sources with qualitative analysis

This unique solution, available in French and English, goes much further than basic counts. It exhaustively analyses what your consumers have said on multiple dimensions (categories, semantic fields, user segmentation..) and gives you a fully contextualized and detailed understanding of your consumers

Hear from Carglass and Danone
Sarah Sakaly and Jessica Venturini from Carglass, and Michel Rogeaux from Danone will share the valuable insights they uncovered with Strategir WSA from thousands of customer comments: the principles, approach, key take-outs and follow-up actions

Strategir > News > ESOMAR Congress

ESOMAR Congress

Berlin23-26 September, 2018

The data, research and insights profession has seen more change and evolution in the last five years than ever before.

A great opportunity to meet, share ideas and vision for the next years all together !
Come and see us at booth #42 !

Contact us to meet

> Information and registration here

Strategir > News > 11-22 juin, participez à notre shopper week !

11-22 juin, participez à notre shopper week !

Un principe simple : une heure dans vos locaux pour partager notre expertise et les dernières innovations dans les études shopper, pour aller plus loin dans la compréhension de la vérité shopper.
Digital, réalité virtuelle, intelligence artificielle, statistiques avancées… les nouvelles technologies nous permettent de vous proposer des solutions d’études qui mettent le shopper au centre des méthodologies pour être plus agiles et plus proches de la réalité du shopper.
Une stratégie merchandising gagnante passe par des étapes clés :

  • En amont : comprendre le process d’achat du shopper, alors même que ses critères de choix sont souvent peu rationnels et conscientisés.
  • En aval : mesurer les performances d’un nouveau concept magasin, d’une nouvelle implantation ou d’outils merchandising pour choisir et convaincre les distributeurs.

Nous aborderons entre autres quelques solutions testées et approuvées pour vous accompagner à chacune de ces étapes :

  • Le Shopper Choice Modelling permet d’identifier le véritable arbre de décision du shopper sur la base des produits librement choisis en rayon et sans induire de critères de choix. Une analyse des substitutions met à jour les clés d’entrée et leur importance respective, pour vous éclairer dans la connaissance de vos shoppers et vous guider dans les clés d’organisation du rayon.
  • Le test VR 360 immersion : Strategir reconstitue  un environnement marchand VR 360° totalement immersif et proche du réel, où le shopper peut naviguer à sa guise et reproduire un comportement naturel. Cette solution permet de tester votre stratégie merchandising de manière souple et confidentielle. Elle offre également un contrôle des paramètres qu’un test en magasin physique ne permet pas.

> Information et inscription : n’hésitez pas à contacter Cécile VELASCO

Strategir > News > Best Wishes 2018

Best Wishes 2018

We wish you a very happy Christmas and successful New Year

Strategir > News > Comment assurer le succès d’une démarche Clean Label auprès de vos consommateurs ?

Comment assurer le succès d’une démarche Clean Label auprès de vos consommateurs ?

Participation gratuite à notre webinar de 30 minutes, présenté en français
Mardi 30 janvier 2018 à 11h CET (Paris)
Intervenantes: Ariane van BEEK & Eve ALLIER
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La démarche Clean Label, hier l’apanage des petits industriels, est aujourd’hui investie par les grandes marques de l’agroalimentaire et de l’hygiène beauté.

Strategir a compilé pour vous les dernières tendances en termes de Clean Label et partage avec vous les enseignements consommateurs :

  • Quel impact d’une mise en avant d’une démarche Clean Label en front pack ?
  • Quelle formulation pour convaincre le consommateur ?
  • Quels pièges éviter ?
  • Une augmentation du prix de vente est-elle possible ?


Strategir > News > How to engage each generation with brands through an adapted digital approach

How to engage each generation with brands through an adapted digital approach

A case study with Mouton Cadet, an international brand born in 1930 and now the leading brand for Bordeaux wines.

The Bordeaux-based brand turned to Strategir for insight that helped it identify the needs of its core buyers while securing its future by attracting younger generations. We will share how a full digital approach enables all generations to share their perceptions and how to adapt to them. We will present:

  • The benefit of a participative platform like Multivote built on social media to better connect with consumers and encourage interaction
  • The intimately grounded reality of a bespoke mobile app like ConnectLife, revealing genuine consumer vision and usage of the brand

> Click here for the webinar recording and learn more about mobile research

Strategir > News > Caroline Bastide joins Strategir

Caroline Bastide joins Strategir

Caroline Bastide joined Strategir at the beginning of September 2017 as Digital & Services Director, following nearly 20 years’ experience in research at IPSOS, GFK, Harris Interactive and more recently MetrixLab.

“I’ve joined the Strategir team with a double objective: to strengthen existing digital approaches and also to consolidate Strategir’s offer in the Services sector,” explains Caroline. Emmanuel Delsuc, Managing Director, adds, “Strategir started its digital movement a few years ago, building on its fundamental expertise and DNA in market research. Customers expect us to develop hybrid approaches that are adapted to new strategic challenges, deadlines and budgets based on technological developments. Caroline, through her experience and expertise and great motivation will accelerate this dynamic. In addition, Caroline will be based at Strategir WSA in Paris, Strategir’s Qualitative and Creative Consumer Research Institute, in order to facilitate combining the Group’s qualitative and quantitative talents. This will be a real asset for the Services sector.”

“Strategir supports marketing innovation and brings high value-added expertise to its customers, with hands-on, personalized support and proven solutions. I am delighted to contribute to Strategir’s ambitions to better respond to future challenges through digital technologies and services,” concludes Caroline.

Strategir > News > How artificial intelligence multiplies confidence in sales volume forecasts

How artificial intelligence multiplies confidence in sales volume forecasts

Based on a case study where expected volumes were within 5% of post launch sales, this webinar will show how AI based forecasting can increase your confidence in sales volume forecasts built on research samples of a couple of hundred consumers.

To achieve this, the Market Shaker® AI volumetric model:

  • Simulates the diversity of consumer behaviours by multiplying the power to predict each one’s behaviour up to 10,000 times
  • Captures the true richness of real world behaviours to predict the role of your innovation in each individual consumers’ purchase repertoire

Thanks to AI’s enhanced understanding of consumers’ behaviour, you get the confidence of thousands upon thousands of virtual consumers’ response to your innovation.

> Click here for the webinar recording
> Click here to learn more about volume forecasting

Strategir > News > Comment décrypter grâce au digital les perceptions trans-générationnelles à l’égard d’une marque premium ?

Comment décrypter grâce au digital les perceptions trans-générationnelles à l’égard d’une marque premium ?

Cas concret avec Mouton Cadetune marque internationale née en 1930 devenue la première marque des vins de Bordeaux.

Participez gratuitement à notre atelier :
Mardi 26 septembre 2017
de 9h à 11h à Paris

Nos experts études & digitaux expliqueront comment une approche digitale et globale permet de recueillir des insights consommateurs pour qu’une marque premium captive les générations d’aujourd’hui et de demain !

  • L’apport du vécu et des petits moments de vérité au quotidien via une application mobile pour éclairer les insights consommateurs
  • L’enrichissement de ces insights au travers d’une plateforme participative et les réseaux sociaux
Strategir > News > Artificial Intelligence and Market Research

Artificial Intelligence and Market Research

Please join us at the NewMR virtual conference about Artificial Intelligence and Market Research.
Strategir will explain how to apply AI to strengthen sales volume forecasts.
We are presenting in Session 1:

Friday 22 September
10am London time / 11am Paris time

Inside our Market Shaker® model, AI truly covers the diversity of individual behaviour and the influences on it. It mushrooms a typical research sample of people into a vast virtual panel, each one reacting to the innovation and its marketing in their own way, so you can have greater confidence in the sales forecast.

Strategir > News > And the winner is… Strategir’s VR development wins top prize

And the winner is… Strategir’s VR development wins top prize

Innovative use of VR for product tests wins 1st prize at the French Marketing Awards 2017!

Strategir was recently awarded the 1st prize in the Research category of the renowned French Marketing Awards (Trophées Marketing 2017) for a joint study with Firmenich. The pioneering research approach gave Firmenich higher predictability for sniff tests by using VR. Virtual Reality was used to set the context for product tests which simulated the real consumption experience of a product. As context strongly influences our feelings and behaviour, the use of VR leads to more discriminating results. [Info] This year, there were ten nominees for the Research Award. Isabelle Goisbault, Head of R&D, Strategir said ‘We are very proud to have won the 1st prize despite the strong competition’. The 2nd prize went to Sociovision with NRJ and the 3rd prize to Ipsos with France Television.

With this award, something unique happened which has never happened before: Strategir won the 1st prize two years in a row! In 2016, Strategir won the same prize for a joint project with Samsung redesigning their Samsung Experience Store in Paris: [Info]

The added value of VR for your market research is significant. The immersion truly transports participants into a realistic context. We would be happy to show you more about our case studies for VR in shopper experience, laundry detergent fragrance and beer tasting. Get in touch to use our award-winning expertise as an input generator for new ideas for your market research.

> Click here for our case study and learn more about VR

Strategir > News > Virtual immersion Golden winner at Marketing Trophy for product testing

Virtual immersion Golden winner at Marketing Trophy for product testing

A great product delivers a great experience but context strongly influences our feelings and behaviour. Product testing works best in settings that are closest to shopper or consumer life.

You may have seen our 2016 last year Golden award winning work with Samsung which showed the insights to be gained through realistic, active and immersive shopper experiences [if not, check it out here]. Sharing the same aim in product testing, Strategir and Firmenich have moved onto investigating whether VR settings positively impact consumer behaviour and improve data in sensory evaluation.

> Click here for the newsletter about virtual immersion: English, French, German
> Click here for our case study and learn more about VR