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Implicit to unlock Unconscious Purchase Motivations

Neuroscience teaches us that in less than a second our brain “filters” any stimulus, impacting our behaviour.

Our partner Beyond Reason has developed a scientific approach that hacks the purchase decision by unlocking the unconscious purchase motivations.
This is the result of 2,5 years of research & development by a group of scientists from leading universities (the Project Implicit) and 20 year experience marketers on client side.
This scientific implicit measure is based on an instant association that consumers make between the mix and psychological & functional motivations. It reveals the WHY of consumer behaviour & preferences, and thus whether the right motivations are activated.

Discover how the association of this innovative approach and our 30 years of experience in Research allow us to better fit your consumer needs.

Presented by:
Isabelle Goisbault / Strategir, Chief Innovation Officer
& Nathan Axford / Beyond Reason, Co-founder

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June 27, 2019 / 11am (Paris)
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